“I appreciate working with Radovan Smolej who has always presented himself as a true professional. We have known each other and done business together since 2012, and I have always found him to treat everyone with respect. I admire his ability to think through problems to arrive at reasonable solutions. I highly recommend working with Radovan and his company, MyHomeOptions Ltd.”

Dale Koeller – Senior Underwriter at Calvert Home Mortgage Investment Corporation


“Our experience with MyHomeOptions was fantastic from start to finish.  I can’t believe how easy you made it.  You helped us buy our own home which we thought would not happen for a few years with me being self employed; so thanks again for all your help and support.  We really appreciate it.”

Carlos T. – Home Buyer


“My finances were on the brink of ruin because I had a mortgage that was way more than the house I owned. So I took matters into my own hand and searched for a solution and came across MyHomeOptions. They were professional and sensitive to my situation. They were able to negotiate with the bank for a reduction in the debt owed and were able to sell the property in a short time. Thanks guys you have made my life way better now.”

 Rohan and Nickole Johnson – Home Owners


I just wanted to thank you so much for buying my home. It was a great relief to have that weight lifted off my shoulders so quickly. I have to admit, I was really skeptical at first, thinking I would be taken advantage of, in one way or another. You were up front and very honest with me about everything. I had an asking price in mind and it’s what we agreed on, and it’s what I got from you. You asked when I would like to close, I gave you a date of about 2 weeks out, and you worked quickly and we made that closing date. I will most assuredly recommend you to anyone in the same position I was in. Feel free to have anyone you are working with, who is skeptical about your business call me. I’d be more than happy to put their minds at rest.”

Peter K. – Home Seller


“I can not thank MyHomeOptions Ltd. enough for helping me solve my real estate problems.  I was behind on my mortgage and need someone to close quickly.  The company actually made up all of my back payments and continued to pay my mortgage which has helped me re-establish my credit.  I can not thank them enough.”

Jennifer L. – Home Seller


“I have been investing my money with Radovan for over 5 years and it’s been rewarding experience. I’ve been fortune enough to really get to know Radovan and he is great. He’s truly professional, and very easy to work with. I know, that he has many years of experience with a sound investment strategies, as well as results. The proven track record allows me to feel completely comfortable investing with Radovan and MyHomeOptions.”

John K. – Investor


“Radovan has assisted many of my clients in finding the right solution. Time after time Radovan has displayed professionalism, honesty, and integrity. Radovan always works in the best interest of the client. I fully expect to continue working with Radovan for many years to come.”

 Khider Elkadri  – Mortgage Specialist at TMG The Mortgage Group


Thank you very much for everything.  Your company was very professional and you did everything you said you were going to.”

Nicole W. – Home Seller